About Rachel's Cure by Design

Rachel’s Story

Hi! I’m Rachel, the founder of Rachel’s Cure by Design (RCBD). Here’s the story behind the handmade jewelry that the RCBD designs to deliver a message of hope, while supporting JRDF and other organizations.

In 2005, at the age of 12, I was diagnosed with T1D (type 1 diabetes). About 8% of Americans have diabetes, which is one of the costliest chronic illnesses, and almost 3 million Americans have T1D. Once I learned more about T1D and how 80% of each dollar from JDRF is donated to research, I became committed to supporting this important cause.

Today RCBD is committed to raise money for many other causes.My grandmother inspired me to channel my creativity into jewelry making with beads and charms around the time I was diagnosed with T1D. I began designing and selling a unique collection of handmade beaded jewelry to donate a portion of proceeds to JDRF in support of research for a cure. I am proud to report that through proceeds of the sales, I have donated over $85,000. I am attending medical school and plan to give back to the community in an additional way.  Today, RCBD is a thriving social entrepreneurship that offers more than 200 unique styles of high-quality, glass, gem, leather, beaded, and medical alert jewelry. My immediate goal is to reach $100K in donations to help fund a cure for T1D. RCBD is making jewelry with love for YOUR cause! You decide where you want to donate $10 from each piece of jewelry sold.

*medical alert jewelry excluded

You can learn more about fundraising opportunities here.

I invite you to visit my site often, as we continue to create new designs. My jewelry is also carried in select retail stores.  Some pieces of my handmade jewelry feature a silver “hope” charm that symbolizes my hope for a cure for diabetes.  This charm can be your symbol of “hope” for opportunities and challenges that you and your family may face, as well.  On behalf of myself and the 23.6 million people who suffer from diabetes, thank you for your kindness and support!

~Rachel T. 

Meet the Team

Rachel and her team design all of the beautiful jewelry that is featured in the collection. All pieces are handmade in Pittsburgh at the RCBD studio. In addition, the leadership team takes care of day-to-day business operations. Rachel is currently pursuing her medical degree. 

Each member of the RCBD team is just as dedicated and passionate as Rachel herself in supporting JDRF and additional organizations that benefit from the sales of the jewelry.

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