Our "New" Men's Collection For The Style Conscious Man

Posted on May 22 2016

Our "new" Men's Collection is the go-to-accessory for the style-conscious man. From wooden beads, to distressed leather to black onyx we have a wealth of options available to choose from, for those men who are not afraid to confidently adorn their wrists. 

The rise in men's jewelry has taken off and men are becoming more open to the idea of wearing bracelets. "It gives you a look of character and individuality", says Ron a Pittsburgh Hair Salon & Spa Owner. "I love these bracelets, they are easy to wear, comfortable and you can go from day to evening wearing them". 

"When I wear the jewelry it usually invites positive comments from people who notice it", says Paul a Pittsburgh Physician. 

Our bracelets are fabricated from a variety of materials from leather, onyx, sandalwood, pewter and coconut shells. A handsome leather band is rugged and manly, where a beaded or stone bracelet may demonstrate a more artistic side of a man. Layering bracelets can also look very fashionable by wearing ones made from similar materials but in a mixture of weight and width.

Our beaded bracelets are hands down head and shoulders above the rest. Our range of designs provide something for every personal taste. A large part of their appeal stems from the fact that you can effortlessly stack a variety of styles together to create a look that is completely unique to you. 

Beaded Bracelets are also versatile enough to adapt to a wide variety of looks. Black beads will give smart, tailored outfits an edge and wooden versions offer a natural, outdoor charm to any ensemble.

Our Leather Bracelets retain a sense of masculinity. It is a material that is refined and versatile - it can retain a sense of formality while at the same time appearing roguish and rebellious. It can be integrated into a smart tailored look or can compliment and contrast nicely against timepieces.

All our men's pieces are strong and long lasting because most guys tend to wear their jewelry like it was a part of them. Incorporating a bracelet or two into your everyday look will elevate your daily style and help add a new, unique, attention-grabbing dimension to your look.

So now you have it, proof that bracelets can be stylish and considered an accessory choice for the modern gent, like you. We hope you love our "new" men's collection as much as we enjoyed creating it. Isn't it time to give wrist wear a go?

photos & styling by Suzanne Mauro


About Rachel's Cure by Design:  All pieces are handmade in Pittsburgh at the Rachel's Cure by Design studio. In addition, the leadership team takes care of day-to-day business operations. Rachel is currently pursuing her medical degree. 

Each member of the RCBD team is just as dedicated and passionate as Rachel herself in supporting JDRF and additional organizations that benefit from the sales of the jewelry.






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